Happy National Pickled Fleems Day!

…sorry, deep fried Fleems, your day is in October


365 DAYS, 365 POSTS #8


The Doclopedia #1,218

Who Are You On Earth 5C?: Mark Vorwerk

Known as the “King of the Daredevils”, Mark Vorwerk first came to international prominence in 2005 when he was the first person ever to dive off the Golden Gate Bridge and survive. In the following years, he performed many other near suicidal feats, but they all paled in comparison to his 2 hour descent of Mount Everest in 2015.

Using what looked like an oversized skateboard that could almost instantly retract it’s wheels and become a snowboard and, if need be, flatten out for short distance gliding, Vorwerk kicked off from the summit of Everest at noon on July 7th, 2015. Since he was wearing 3 video cameras linked up to a satellite, the entire trip was available to people everywhere. It was watched by an estimated 2.2 billion people.

Upon reaching Base Came 2 hours, 3 minutes and 26 seconds after he started, Mark was asked what his next challence would be. He responded, “orbital skydiving”.


One comment on “Happy National Pickled Fleems Day!

  1. mark vorwerk says:

    i love it

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