Dogs On The Run

…usually from the police

365 DAYS, 365 POSTS #10

The Adventures of Captain Flame #2

It had been a good while since Flame had eaten a gourmet meal and Uncle Luke had not disappointed. Every bite, and there had been many during the 12 courses, had been delicious, as had the five types of wine. It was only thanks to her sturdy constitution and large capacity for drink that she wasn’t nodding off.

Instead, she was in Uncle Luke’s library watching him inspect the figurine. He was going over every detail of it with a magnifying glass, stopping every few seconds to look through an ancient book that lay open on his desk.

You say that you found this on a merchant ship out of Emerald Bay?”

She nodded. “The “Matilda Green”, a fine bark which will soon go up for sail. The chest this was found in looked fairly new, as did most of the jewelry.”

Uncle Luke put down the figurine and the magnifying glass and went to remove two more books from his shelves. One seemed to be a collection of scrolls bound as a book, while the other looked fancy enough to have belonged to a king. She commented on that.

Luke laughed and said, “Oh, it did indeed. King Dorak Dorin of Typathia, a very wealthy and somewhat mad gentleman, by all accounts. This and several other volumes were liberated from his library by our friends in the Thieves Guild. They cost me a damned sight more than you’ll get for that bark, I can tell you.”

Flame let out a whistle. That bark would sell for ten thousand gold easily.

Ah, here we go!” He beckoned her over to look in the scroll book. She could not understand a bit of what the writing said, since it was all in runes.

Seeing her bewildered look, Luke translated.

“It was ordered that on the fifth day of the fifth month in the year of the Bear, five small figures representing the gods of the northern dwarves be carved and brought to the city of Rool to be enchanted. This was done and the enchanting took a full fortnight, the result being the binding of much magical power to each figure, so that when they might be placed on the altar of the Great Red God it would open a portal to his treasure chamber, inside of which lie wonders undreamed of.”

Luke and Flame looked at each other for a moment. Any mention of great treasure always caught a pirate’s attention.

Going to the larger book, Luke began reading from it.

“It was in 1055 K.E. that the empire of the northern dwarves began to fall due to the loss of five enchanted figures that were being taken to Mount Tarkarus. The procession of mostly priests and wizards was beset upon by a horde of Gray Men and their allies, a pair of Blue Dragons. Most of the priests were slain and the figures were carried away by two of the survivors, a wizard and a young servant boy. Neither they nor the figures have been seen since.”

1055 K.E.? That was 1,500 years ago!”

Luke nodded. “More like 1,700, but still very long ago. The northern dwarf empire fell in 1190 K.E. And there hasn’t been a Gray Man seen in the north or anywhere else since 74 R.E. However, I happen to know that 3 other figures have been found and are now in the Imperial Museum of Ardovia. I also have every reason to believe that if the four are brought together, they will show the location of the fifth.”

Flame smiled at her uncle. Once a pirate, always a pirate.

“So,” she said, “Where the hell is Ardovia and how should we go about stealing those figures?”


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