Module V-1: Assault Against The Amazon Seductresses

…surprisingly little fighting in this one


365 DAYS, 365 POSTS #10


The Doclopedia #1,220

Who Are You On Earth 5C: Jeremiah Reed

Jeremiah Reed, known as “Stu” to his friends, is the founder and owner of “Stu’s Weenie Wagons”, the most popular hot dog carts in Northern California. From the Oregon border to Stockton and from the Nevada border to the Pacific coast, you’ll see his bright red and orange carts in cities and towns.

While his carts serve a wide variety of sausages made of everything from soy to chicken to venison, the most popular is the half pound beef/pork footlong called “Stu’s Big One”. Television and radio commercials say that “Everybody loves Stu’s Big One! Taste it today!”

In his spare time, Jeremiah enjoys watching movies, racing motorcycles and taste testing weenies.


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