Is Your Steamer Duck Getting Enough Mental Stimulation?

…if not, try giving them crossword puzzles

365 DAYS, 365 POSTS #14


Movies I REALLY Want To See

Doctor Strange: Everything I’ve seen and heard about this movie tells me it is going to rock. I know they probably won’t go as visually trippy as Steve Ditko did in the early years of the comic, but even halfway will be cool enough. Cumberbatch looks good and despite them keeping a tight lid on it, you just know Mads Mikkelson is going to play Dormmamu.

The Next American Godzilla Movie: I really liked the first one and I’m ready to see him fight and/or team up with Rodan or Mothra.

Pacific Rim 2: Especially if they can fit Godzilla into it, but if they can’t I’ll still be there to watch the Jaegers kick kaiju ass.

The Next James Bond Movie: I don’t care if they cast Mel Brooks as Bond (which would be hilarious), I’ll go see it. I’ve seen every one of them since Dr. No and I’m not gonna stop any time soon. By the way, I think Idris Elba would make a great James Bond.

Wonder Woman: Because it’s about fucking time. The trailer looks good and I like that a woman is directing it.


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