Pickled Squid Sandwich

…just as disgusting as it sounds


365 DAYS, 365 POSTS #15


The Doclopedia #1,223

Who Are You On Earth 5C: Kim Marshall

The Kim Marshall of Earth 5C is a kindly middle aged woman, a housewife in Toronto, Canada and the Queen of Canadian Crime.

It all started when Kin was newly married and pregnant with the first of her 7 children and got bored just sitting around the house. One day, she planned out a smuggling operation to bring American games and comics into Canada without paying various duties and taxes. It looked so doable, Kim convinced several college boys from the frat house down the street to do it. In no time, she was very rich and using the money to finance other crimes or take over rival criminal gangs.

By the time her youngest child, Angus, was 7 years old, Kim totally controlled all the Crime in Canada. Now, 10 years later as her youngest is almost ready to leave home, Kim has turned her thoughts toward taking control of Crime in the USA.


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