Potholes On The Road To Nowhere

…and they never get fixed


365 DAYS, 365 POSTS #16


The Doclopedia #1,224

Who Are You On Earth 5C: Avis Crane

Producer, director, writer and sometimes even camerawoman…that is Avis Crane, the richest, most famous and most celebrated person in the adult film industry.

So well crafted are the films she makes, so well written with compelling and interesting stories, so well directed that she has sold the remake rights to no less than 25 of her films to big Hollywood studios so they can remake them minus the sex. Her movies are wildly popular in 87 countries and have made her a billionaire. From her straight sex movies like “Thigh Society” to her gay movies like “Sailors & Seamen” to her rare forays into kink like “Spankenstein”, the films of Avis Crane are all big budget affairs that often attract actors from outside the adult film world.

Recently, Avis, who is now 62 years old, has said that she might leave the adult movies to “the younger crowd” and start directing mainstream films. Her millions of fans hope this is not true.


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