The Secret War Between Spoons and Forks

…the knives stay out of it


365 DAYS, 365 POSTS #18


The final Earth 5C entry. A new theme will be coming soon.

The Doclopedia #1,226

Who Are You On Earth 5C: Mark A. Schmidt

Mark A. Schmidt…oh man, I wish I could tell you what he is like on Earth 5C, but I can’t. If I did, the black helicopters would come or Grace would find me in the shower with a broken neck due to “slipping on a bar of soap” or I might just disappear, never to be heard from. So don’t even ask. Hell, don’t even THINK his name too long. I’m serious, dude.

If you visit Earth 5C, just enjoy the sights and have fun. Don’t ask about him ever! Some people did ask, you know. Who? Jimmy Hoffa, Bobby Kennedy, Malcom X, Janis Joplin, Tupac, David Bowie…the list is long, dude. Just don’t even mention him.




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