Chapter 917: In Which Our Hero, Clad Only In A Modest Nightshirt, Has Difficulty Exiting A School For Young Ladies

…they kept tackling him



The Adventures of Captain Flame #3

The Grand Square of the Most Glorious City of Mabuuth was always busy, regardless of the hour of the day. There were hundreds of market stalls, dozens of taverns and inns, brothels, gambling halls and a hundred other business. There were also scores of tax collectors and agents of the Customs House, to say nothing of the City Guard. The latter were a presence throughout the Square and consisted of men and women you would definitely not want to piss off.

The bulk of Mabuuth’s, and Ardovia’s, population was human. The remainder was made up of Sea Elves, the odd looking Koboldin and a smattering of other humanoid races, none of whom were reptilian. That would be why all eyes in the immediate area turned to watch the Speaker’s Spire as Huma Dnilok, a Dragonborn, Climbed the 100 Steps of Free Speech. He was dressed in the full armor of a paladin of Bahamut and followed by a beautiful young human woman dressed in modest white robes. Once they reached the top, the paladin looked down upon the crowd, pressed the stone that would carry his voice throughout the Square and began speaking.

“Hear me, good people of Mabuuth, for I am here to tell you of a reckoning! Yes, a reckoning for your sins! I speak to you of the COMING OF BAHAMUT!”

Exactly one and a half miles away, a slightly pudgy and somewhat ordinary young human woman stepped into the Imperial Museum of Ardovia. She was accompanied by her husband, who was a tall muscular fellow, and her two young daughters. After paying the 8 coppers entrance fee, the four of them began wandering through the museum in the same manner as all the rest of the museum goers. Nobody spoke until they had reached the Hall of the Ancients.

“This is it, mates.” The mother may have looked chubby and domestic, but her voice, was far more commanding than one might expect. “Mister Vorastrix, Miss Arpagig, When we reach the display, you know what to do. Miss Caldwell, prepare to get to work.”

All three of them said a quiet “Aye, Captain before starting off down the hall.

At Speaker’s Spire, Dnilok was really getting into his speech. If he could show even one of these sinful humans the path to redemption via worshiping Bahamut, it would be a day well spent.

Below him, the vast majority of the sinners were more interested in how he looked, not what he was saying. Dragonborn seldom made it to Ardovia and never had one come here dressed as a paladin and preaching. This was a day to tell your grandchildren about.

The young lady standing behind Dnilok gave a quiet cough and the paladin knew he would not get to tell the story of Bahamut and the Wandering Merchant. Pity, because it was one of his favorites. Still, that cough was the agreed upon signal that in about three minutes, things were going to get very lively up at the museum. What was the term Miss Joplin had used? Ah, yes, “the shit will hit the fan”. Another strange human saying.

He continued his speech with renewed vigor.


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