Doc Tempest VS The Master Of Murder

…from the August 1953 issue

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And now, another go ’round at an old Doclopedia theme, The Alphabet

The Doclopedia #1,238

The Alphabet: A is for…

Abonongo…which is the name of the Great Forest Tyrant of the Korakoka Jungle. Although exact descriptions of Abonongo are almost non-existent due to him/her/it killing and eating people, the few reports by survivors agree that he/she/it is at least 40 feet tall, covered in greenish blue hair and has a wide mouth full of very long and sharp teeth. Abonongo is bipedal and has anywhere from 4 to 6 long clawed fingers on each hand. It’s hard to count when you are running and screaming

Abonongo can sleep for as long as 5 years, but the longer he sleeps, the more he eats upon awakening. As a result, the indigenous people of the Korakoka Jungle are among the fastest runners on their planet.



The Doclopedia #1,239

The Alphabet: A is for…

Atrimus the Avenger…On Earth 3-B, during the Napoleonic Wars, a masked man caused no end of trouble for the French, doing everything from kidnapping French officers to blowing things up to, in 1809, successfully diverting an entire supply train into the hands of the Spanish. 1810, there was a fifty thousand franc bounty on Atrimus. Napoleon’s hatred of him knew no bounds, something the British took advantage of by leaving posters of “Little Boney” getting taunted by Atrimus wherever they could.

At first, Napoleon was convinced that Atrimus was British, but over time realized that he could be any of a dozen nationalities. Identification was made even more difficult by the fact that Atrimus almost never spoke and was seldom seen close up. However, by 1812, just a month before Napoleon invaded Russia, evidence was found that proved that Atrimus was French. Napoleon went berserk, ordering his forces back in France to start rounding up anyone they might think knew who Atrimus was and start questioning them. Three days later, a series of bombs went off along the French Main column, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. Such attacks happened all during the Russian campaign.

When Napoleon returned to Paris, he was greeted by his officers, who told him they had not found Atrimus, but knew he was in Spain the night before. This proved to be false when, less than an hour later, Napoleon Bonaparte and 27 other men were blown to pieces by a series of blasts that leveled the building they were in. At the same time in a dozen other places, military officers of the higher ranks were blown up or shot by snipers. The reign of Napoleon ended much sooner than in our world. Atrimus the Avenger was never heard from again.

For nearly 120 years, the world wondered who Atrimus was. The favorite theory was that “he” was actually a small group of men acting together. But in 1930 a small wooden box was left at the headquarters of the Surete. The box was sealed with Napoleon’s own seal and experts agreed it had been put there around the time of his death. Carved into the top of the box was an ornate “A”. When it was opened, it was found to contain several items that Atrimus was known to have stolen. Along with these was a letter that read.

“To whom it may concern,

By now we are long dead, as are our children and, perhaps, our grandchildren. If you seek the true identity of Atrimus the Avenger, seek it not among the rich, not among the military and certainly not among men. Seek it among women who grew tired of husbands, brothers, lovers and sons going off to war to die. Seek it among the very last group Napoleon would think of.

But do not hope to learn our true names. Those died the day Atrimus was born.

Vive la France!”


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