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The Doclopedia #1,240

The Alphabet: B is for…

Beetles & Battles…is the #1 roleplaying game on the Earth 2-C Mars colony. Based upon the 120 year old roleplaying game Dragons & Dungeons, players take the role of 100 pound mutant beetles that are fighting to settle the world after humankind has died off. Player races include 7 species of beetle. Player classes are fighter, flyer, healer, psion and digger. Weapons are mostly swords or spears. Monsters include moles, skunks, assorted birds and the deadly raccoon.


The Doclopedia #1,241

The Alphabet: B is for…

Beer Man…was a minor superhero in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the 1970’s and early 80’s. He was quite popular with Wisconsinites during that time

Beer Man got his powers of super strength, near invulnerability and super speed when Mike Dublonsky fell into a vat of contaminated beer at the old Smudd brewery. Before he could climb out, the vat was struck by lightning and hit by a strange glowing meteor. When Mike finally got out, he had super powers. He was also about half drunk.

Mike soon found out that his powers only manifested when he was tipsy. For years, just before going out to rescue people in trouble or fight some evil doer like Cheese Crook, Mike would pound down a couple of quarts of beer. Alas, this was also his undoing. Years of daily heavy drinking took their toll on his health. In 1983, when his wife threatened to leave him and take his kids, Mike hung up his Beer Man suit and joined AA.

Now 33 years sober, Mike looks back on his days as Beer Man fondly and has written 3 books about his exploits.


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