Not In This Issue: Peas, Roman Baths or Fainting Goats

…or non-fainting goats.

The Doclopedia #1,242

The Alphabet: C is for…

Crab Invasion…of 1966, when millions of large mutant crabs created by atomic bomb testing in the Pacific Ocean came onto the beaches of Australia. Measuring as much as a meter across the shell, these fast moving crustaceans killed and ate over 400 humans and countless other animals before they were, destroyed by flamethrowers and napalm bombs. So far as scientists know, none survived. A motion picture about the event came out in 1970.

The Doclopedia #1,243

The Alphabet: C is for…

Crunchy Chunks…the favorite breakfast cereal of androids everywhere! Composed of bits of various minerals and organic matter, Crunchy Chunks give your internal maintenance nanites all of the material they need to keep you repaired and functioning at optimal efficiency. Purchase Crunchy Chunks today! And try our newest flavors: Carbon/Wool Swirl and Titanium Spice!

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