A Bit Of Light Spanking, Then Some Pie

…Mmmm, pie

The Doclopedia #1,246

The Alphabet: E is for…

Elvis Clones…
really are clones of the late Elvis Presley. On Earth 2-D, Elvis lived to be 60 years old, dying May 9th, 1995 of complications from a viral infection. Years before, however, Elvis became fascinated by cloning and donated $5,000,000.00 to the University of California, San Francisco, to advance cloning technology. He also donated his own DNA, joking that maybe someday, there could be an All Elvis Band.

The first three clones were born in October of 2023 to three volunteer mothers, each of whom received $25,000.00, but did not know the babies were Elvis clones. All three babies were healthy and had no health problems beyond those that are normal. Two years later, 7 clones were born and two years after that, 5 more.

All of the babies were adopted out to people that knew the babies were Elvis clones, but were legally forbidden from talking about it. Of course, the world eventually found out in 2038 when the three oldest clones (who lived in three widely separated states) caught the eye of Elvis fans and the media. When it was announced that 15 Elvis clones were out there, it was all the news cycle covered. For about ten days. After that, a meteor strike in the Indian ocean and the resulting 150 foot tall tsunami occupied everyone’s attention.

By and large, the 15 boys grew up with way less publicity than one might expect. As of the current date, 2058, all of them are healthy adults. Three are gay, 10 are straight and 2 are transitioning to females. Although they have many different professions, none of them are musicians or actors.



The Doclopedia #1,247

The Alphabet: E is for…

Escape From P.A. One… is the title of a true story about how Lan Tolliver, Yen Ma Wu and Kam Goodfaith escaped from Prison Asteroid One on December 10th, 2130. The story is told in a very straightforward style and Goodfaith, the author, makes no excuses for the fact that all three men were career criminals and Resistance leaders working against the New World Government. He details every bit of the planning and execution of the escape, as well as the first few days back on Earth. He includes bits of news reports and several previously thought to be top secret communiques between EarthGov and P.A. One.

The book was not published until 15 years after the escape and 5 years after the government fell and UniGov took it’s place. All proceeds went to providing health and education services to the poor. To this day (September, 2059, nobody knows where Tolliver, Wu and Goodfaith went or even if they are still alive.

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