Naked Is NOT The Best Disguise

…especially in heavy poison oak. Trust me on this.


The Doclopedia #1,248

The Alphabet: F is for…

Friendly Cove…a small community that is only friendly so that they can lure in tourists they can then eat! Yep, all 200 people in the town are cannibals. Additionally, nobody in Friendly Cove is under 50 years old and almost all of them are related by blood to old Edgar Friendly, founder of the town and demon cursed cannibal.

Because Friendly Cove is way off the beaten path, only a few tourists ever end up there. Often these are young folks looking for adventure. Later, the Deegan brothers, Ollie and Dale, drop their cars, bikes or whatever off a couple hundred miles away, along with a few personal effects. So far, after 129 years of cannibalizing folks, nobody has ever come to Friendly Cove asking questions.

The Doclopedia #1,249

The Alphabet: F is for…

French Magic…that impressive and stylish looking form of spellcasting that is neither as efficient as German Magic, as straightforward as British Magic, as seemingly haphazard, yet still astoundingly effective as American Magic, as emotionally charged as Spanish Magic or as bloody dangerous as Irish Magic. Indeed, only Italian Magic ranks lower than French Magic.

But holy crap, French Magic looks great!

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