Sudden Depth Playoff

…pretty common in whales sports


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The Doclopedia #1,250

The Alphabet: G is for…

Gary and the Goats…premiered in September of 1975 as part of the National Broadcasting Company’s (NBC) “Comedy Tuesday” lineup. It came on at 8:30 pm, right after “Just Two Guys”.

The premise of this half hour show was that Gary Duffman (played by Gary Crosby) shared his suburban home with four goats that were actually aliens from the planet Gorton. Since the goats could only communicate with Gary via telepathy, nobody else would believe they were aliens. Between the goats, Gary’s goofy best friend Ed and the ever suspicious Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan next door, hilarity often ensued.

In fact, hilarity ensued enough that the show ran for three years, 90 episodes. It was also one of the few shows of it’s time that had a definite ending, with the goats going home to Gorton and Gary marrying his long suffering fiancee, Patty.

The Doclopedia #1,251

The Alphabet: G is for…

Gimzelfwan…also known as Gimzelfwan the Wanderer, was a Wizard of the 11th Level during the Three Centuries of Peace. A restless soul by nature, he seldom stayed in any one place for more than a year and would often vanish into the wilderlands for a decade or two, only to pop up later with tales of his travels and adventures.

Doing so much gallivanting around meant that Gimzelfwan found may strange magical artifacts, mostly from the Imperial Era, but sometimes from the Era of Living Gods. He also uncovered much new magical and historical information. He was most warmly welcomed by Wizards and Scholars alike when he would enter a city.

At the ripe old age of 333 years old, Gimzelfwan departed from the city of Hradofar with the intention of exploring the Forests of Xoon and areas east of Mount Tandovar. He was never seen again.


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