Milk Bullets

… from discontented cows


The Doclopedia #1,252

The Alphabet: H is for…

Hotel For Monsters…a Japanese anime series following the misadventures of young Hidoke as he attempts to do his job as a room service boy in a creepy old hotel that caters to all manner of monsters. His job is not made any easier by encounters with the owners two hot young daughters, both of whom are werewolves, or his nutty Uncle Moko, a monster hunter.

The series runs to 133 episodes, all of which have been dubbed into English.

The Doclopedia #1,253

The Alphabet: H is for…

Hats…the wearing of which will get you arrested, tortured and killed in the Trofiddien Empire on Fantasy Earth 6. It seems that when he was 22 and a brand new Emperor, His Imperial Perfection Kaksor II was very nearly assassinated 5 times in 8 days by men and women wearing hats. Being a fine product of royal inbreeding, this pushed him right over into Crazyland and caused him to outlaw all hats. Over the years, he also outlawed cats, rats, bats, mats and spats because they sounded like “hats”. Nothing has changed to weaken this law, despite the current age of Kaksor II being 101.



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