The Thirteen Things You Should Never Tell A Cat

…#1 is “You’re only a cat”


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The Doclopedia #1,256

The Alphabet: J is for…

Jangwo…or as the natives of Ruined Chicago call it, “fast killer cat thing”. Jangwos are cougar sized felines that can move with astounding speed and do a long leap of up to 50 feet. They can also leap 20 feet straight up with ease. The look very much like dark gray or black cougars, but they have a much longer and prehensile tail. They also have a cranial bump that contains a part of their brain that emits a signal that confuses their prey, if they are within 30 feet. The prey might stop instead of running, run in a circle or do other odd behavior just before the Jangwo takes them down. The prehensile tail is then used to hold onto the prey while claw and fang do their job.

Jangwos travel in mated pairs or sometimes trios. They only breed every third year, but can have up to 10 cubs that stay with the parents for two years. Jangwo have excellent senses and trying to sneak up on one, let alone a pair, is probably suicide.




The Doclopedia #1,257

The Alphabet: J is for…

Jenny’s Tacos…a favorite taco shop in Los Angeles, California on Earth 3-F. Since that version of Earth is one where elves live among humans, Jenny serves up some Elven favorite tacos, like Sweetberry, Hot Salad and Melon. Most humans think veggie or fruit tacos are strange, but the elves love them and Jenny does good business.


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