Thrilling Mom Tales

….written by actual moms

The Doclopedia #1,262

The Alphabet: M is for…

Mountain Orcsare primarily found at or very near the tree line of very large mountains. They live in extended family groups of 15 to 30 members and are much larger and stronger than ordinary Orcs. Males average 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. Most Mountain Orcs have red hair and yellow eyes.

Mountain Orcs are more primitive than their lowland cousins and are only at the hunter/gatherer level of civilization. They are, however, excellent hunters and are one of the few humanoid species that hunt and eat Greater Rock Dragons and Cliff Howlers. They have also domesticated Ghost Wolves, who aid them in hunting.

Despite being primitive Orcs and living in a rough and dangerous environment, Mountain Orcs are not immediately violent towards humans, dwarves or elves. They will usually give warning if other races get too near their homes, but not attack unless those warnings are ignored.




The Doclopedia #1,263

The Alphabet: M is for…

Modram 3an Earth type planet orbiting Modram’s Star, which is 325 light years from Earth.

Modram 3 has a roughly 50/50 land to water ration and is a bit warmer overall than Earth. Gravity is 90% that of Earth and the planet has two moons, each only a third the size of our moon.

While Modram is very Earth-like, it is devoid of native life forms. Scientists have determined that this is a very recent development, no more that a few centuries old. Since this has been found on other worlds very far apart, it is believed to be caused by an ancient technology called a Wandering Life Stealer, a sort of selective wormhole that removes all life on a planet and transport it instantly to some as yet undiscovered place.

Modram 3 has been colonized by both humans on the land and Thurgs in the oceans. Most of the introduced life forms are from Earth, but there are a few from Thurr, Pazvilon and Sagan. Life is spreading with incredible speed across the planet.

Visitors to Modram 3 will find few large cities and only one medium sized spaceport. Water is inexpensive, but food will cost much more than most planets.


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