Why Didn’t The Girl Scouts Dance For Us?

…all they wanted to do was make out


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The Doclopedia #1,274

The Alphabet: S is for…

Snake People of Venus… a deadly and cunning race of snakelike beings inhabiting the fetid swamps of the South Venusian lowlands. Despite their snakey bodies, they have four legs and two long triple jointed arms. They are at the stone age level, but are experts at ambushes and simple warfare.

The Snake People also enjoy the taste of human flesh, a fact learned the hard way by the crew of Her Majesty’s Space Exploration Unit on an expedition after they landed on Venus in April of 1887 in the Spirit of England. Four crewmen and two officers were lost and eaten. Since then, Her Majesty’s forces have steered clear of the swamps. It is assumed that the Germans, French and Americans do the same.

Snake People live in large groups of from 50 to 200 and travel around the swamps, going from hunting ground to hunting ground. If two groups meet, they almost always fight, often to the death.

Despite being a primitive people, they have a very complex language that not only uses words, but body position and color changing cells on their faces. They do not domesticate any animals and they appear to have no religion.




The Doclopedia #1,275

The Alphabet: S is for…

Soolibong…is a small village in Indonesia on PulpEarth 3. It is unremarkable in every way except for the presence of Lawford Drebbs, an American expatriate and dealer in rumors, facts, legends and general information. The 55 year old Drebbs (“Lawf” to his friends) has lived here for 50 years and knows everybody who is anybody for 300 miles around. People come from near and far to sell him information and there is often a line out the door of the bar he owns and works out of, The Lucky Redhead.

Lawf is not particular about whom he sells information to. As long as they can pay his price, he will sell them what they want. Of course, he will sell the exact same info to the next guy, if a next guy wants it. Naturally, this often leads to some fast paced races to a lost temple or forbidden cave or whatnot. Just as often, it leads to gun battles and death, too.

Lawf is not married, but lives with 2 or 3 women and has fathered a dozen or so children that he knows of. He has some very tough bodyguards and is a crack shot with a pistol or rifle. He also has a very soft spot in his heart for genuine Kentucky sour mash and will often give up some extra information for a bottle or two.


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