Tales Of Interplanetary Fishing

…in this issue: Venusian Walleyes!

The Doclopedia #1,280

The Alphabet: V is for…

Valley Of The Undead…is a location on Earth 4-B, which is a post apocalypse world that was ravaged by supernatural creatures, mostly the undead.

The valley in question is in India and runs 90 miles long by an average of 20 miles wide. For reasons unknown, these undead did not die off when the Red Ravager was destroyed in Japan in 2061. Instead, they continue to inhabit the valley in great numbers. Estimates of 100,000 or more are probably correct. Almost all of them are corporeal undead.

Most of the undead found are zombies, ghouls and lesser vampires, but it is rumored that ghasts, draugr, certain yokai and even a lich exist. While the ghouls & ghasts feed upon the many corpses found in the area, the vampires must lure humans into the valley in order to feed. This happens more often than you might think.

The few remaining humans who know of the valley and care to think much about it suspect that the undead cannot leave due to the lack of supernatural power in the rest of the world. They are probably right.




The Doclopedia #1,281

The Alphabet: V is for…

Valerie Mallory…is an Earth 5-A scientist, the Carl Sagan/Bill Nye/Neil deGrasse Tyson of her world. She is also most likely the smartest person on the planet.

A multidisciplinary scientist with doctorates in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Valerie has written 24 books explaining various areas of science. She also hosts a weekly television talk show, “Science This Week”, where she discusses the week’s science and tech news with everyone from scientists to actors to school children. The series is just starting it’s 25th year (current year: 1995) and has won 34 Emmy awards. It is seen in 45 countries.

Because of Valerie Mallory and her championing of females in science and technology, there are far more female scientists on her Earth than on ours and the first human to land on Mars in 1993 was a woman. Her first words? “Hey, Dr. Mallory! This one’s for you!”


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