Monster Manual Volume 15: Really Nasty Kitchen Tool Golems

…that Cheese Grater Golem is terrifying


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The Doclopedia #1,282

The Alphabet: W is for…

Werewolves Of Milwaukee…, a subject the state of Wisconsin on Earth 1-K wishes everyone else would forget.

In 1983, people in and around Milwaukee began reporting “dog people” or “werewolf” sightings in rural areas or in city parks. Howls were also heard. The police pretty much wrote it off as pranks until a dead and ravaged deer was found in a city park. Two days later, a pair of terrified women in a residential neighborhood reported being chased into the home of a neighbor by a “wolfman”. Try as they might, local police could never catch the creatures and panic began to set in.

The sightings dropped way off during the winter, but resumed again in early spring of 1984. There was vandalism, animal deaths and several non-fatal shootings caused by terrified citizens. The FBI was called in.

In May of 1984, an anonymous tip lead FBI agents to an old barn several miles outside of Milwaukee. They found werewolf costumes and a map of all of the incidents. Setting up surveillance, it was less than a day before they caught 5 boys entering the barn. All 5, plus two others, were arrested and charged with a long list of crimes.

Despite many of the citizens of Milwaukee wanting the young men to go to prison, they instead were sentenced to A: apologize on local television, B: remain in county jail until they were 18 years old and C: once they turned 18, join the United States Marine Corps for a full 6 years. Failure to enlist would mean doing 6 years in state prison. All 7 of the boys joined the Marines.

Fun Fact: The leader of the Werewolves of Milwaukee was young Scott Walker, who would do his time in the Marine Corps and then move to Iowa, where he became a sanitation engineer and never again broke the law.




The Doclopedia #1,283

The Alphabet: W is for…

Wandering Megadroids…are a very rare, but exceedingly dangerous threat to citizens of the Solar Federation in the Earth 6-D reality. Left over from the Corporate Wars (2070-2084), these large and dangerous droids wander both the Inner and Outer System and upon activation attempt to destroy all human life and habitation they encounter.

The most recent Megadroid attack happened on July 16th, 2148, when a Mk III Kanamura Dragondroid attacked New Chicago on Mars. Despite being destroyed by the Martian Defense Force, the droid totally destroyed a 100 acre Ag Dome, killing 59 people and injuring 123 others.

The Solar Federation put a bounty om Megadroids in 2099. Since then, 33 of them have been destroyed. Conservative estimates say there are around 50 still out there somewhere.