Sassy Voles Ridiculed My Wombat

…and made it cry


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The Doclopedia #1,284

The Alphabet: X is for…

XinGaNox…is the name of the Great Hero of the Cluur People of Altair 5. Born in 1399, XinGaNox became an ordained Most Holy Warrior in 1420, during the Cluur/Hwiffa War. Many infidels fell before his forces, often minus their primary head removed. It is said that when the Hwiffa of H’fwa City heard XinGaNox was coming, the entire population converted to the True Religion and welcomed the Great Hero with open manipulator forelegs.

When the war was over, XinGaNox went on to rule the Northern K’Telk continent for 35 years. He mated with an estimated 593 females and sired well over 7,000 young. When he died, an estimated 25,000 Faithful flew into the Cuuv Cuul volcano to honor him with their deaths.




The Doclopedia #1,285

The Alphabet: X is for…

Xellent Pizza…exists in at least 300 realities and in most of them it is a pretty decent pizza joint. However, in a few realities, it is something more.

On Earth 40-A, Xellent Pizza is a favorite hangout for the students of Hobart’s School for Young Mages. In the basement, behind several old pinball machines, is a secret entrance into the Castle of Dread, which students are banned from visiting.

On Earth 19-K, the pizza is incredible and so are the super powered clientele. Both heroes and villains eat here and everybody obeys the strict no fighting rule, lest they be kicked out and not allowed back for a year.

The Xellent Pizza of Earth 6-B is located in Denver, Colorado and is at a nexus point for three Ley Lines. Practitioners of magic, UFO hunters, cryptid hunters, cryptids and just generally strange folks are a common sight here.


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