Junior Muskrat Catches A Snake

…but not a big snake


The Doclopedia #1,301

Assorted Trolls: Red Mountain Trolls

These are the largest and most dangerous of all Trolls. They hate all other forms of Trollkind and pretty much every other humanoid race. They aren’t very big on the non-humanoid races, either.

The preferred living area for Red Mountain Trolls is the area in mountains above 3,000 feet but below the tree line, where they live in villages of up to 100 individuals. Since their society is matriarchal, females call the shots. This is a good thing because males are always less intelligent than females. On the other hand, males are larger, tougher, and pretty much go berserk in battle. Only the largest Giants and fully adult Dragons will take on a group of Red Mountain Trolls.

Roving bands of males patrol the borders of their home mountain ranges constantly. This means that any kingdom with mountains along one or more borders is pretty safe if Red Mountain Trolls live there. In fact, many such kingdoms will send tribute of foodstuffs and weapons. While this does not insure that the Trolls won’t kill anyone passing the 3,000 foot mark, it usually does mean that they won’t attack trade caravans that might come close.

Male Red Mountain Trolls stand 14 to 16 feet tall and are heavily built. They are covered with rusty red hair and have brownish red skin. Most males also have tusks.

Females of the species have brighter red hair, less ruddy skin and only stand about 10 feet tall. They are also much more eloquent in their speech and, if encountered alone, are somewhat less inclined to outright kill other, smaller humanoids.

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