The Clever Girl Who Set The Trap

…for three not so clever boys.


The Doclopedia #1,302

Assorted Trolls: Blue Trolls

The smallest of all Trolls, Blue Trolls are by far the most intelligent. Known to the Forest Elves as Night Trolls, they are indeed nocturnal, seldom venturing forth from their burrows during daylight hours.

Blue Trolls live in extensive burrow villages in forests. From 40 to 200 of the 4 foot tall Trolls can make up a village, which might run for several miles in a twisting turning design. There you will find shops, inns, taverns and all of the businesses you would find in a human village. You will also find very tight security. This is not meant to protect against humans or other races, but against other Trolls, who all seem to hate Blue Trolls. This hatred stems from the jealousy they feel toward their smaller, smarter and much more popular cousins.

The primary trade between Blue Trolls and other races is in the rare artifacts that the burrowers often seem to find when they go exploring ruins. Since they burrow using a spell that removes only earth and stone, anything else is left behind. It was, in fact, a Blue Troll burrowing team that found the long lost Helmet of the Iron Emperor.

Both male and female Blue Trolls average around 4 feet tall and have fairly normally proportioned bodies. Their skin is a dark blue, as is their hair. Their eyes are a lighter blue. Blue Trolls seldom have more than 2 children. The average lifespan is 90 years.

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