…as if regular giant voles weren’t bad enough


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The Doclopedia #1,303

Assorted Trolls: Deep Cavern Trolls

These blind and deathly white creatures live only in the very deepest of cave systems. To go any deeper would risk stumbling into Demara, the Demon World. Even barely sentient Deep Cavern Trolls know to avoid that.

Nobody knows how the common Cave Troll migrated into the Deep Dark, but they did and are now supremely adapted to living there. Though blind, their hearing and sense of smell are acute. Their spindly bodies mask astonishing speed and strength. Finally, like many other types of Troll, they regenerate lost limbs and damaged organs.

Although precious little study of the species has been done, we do know that Deep Cavern Trolls average 6 feet tall and weigh about 120 pounds. They appear to be sexless most of the time, but can in fact manifest male or female genitalia in a matter of minutes, should they meet another of their kind. No sub-adults have ever been encountered.

These Trolls eat almost anything, but prefer fresh raw meat. Fortunately, they are almost never encountered at depths of less than 2,500 feet. Conyrary to popular belief, that are not harmed by bright light. Fire does affect them, as does magic. Non-magical weapons do little damage against their tough skin.



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