Swamp Gravy

…it’s almost yummy

The Doclopedia #1,304

Assorted Trolls: Common Forest Trolls

These are by far the most common Trolls one might encounter. Although they are usually found in forests, as the name implies, they have also been encountered in bogs, prairies, scrublands and even the fringes of deserts. They are very tough, have the best regenerative powers of all trolls and are thoroughly evil.

Forest Trolls are often found as solitary individuals, but once in a while a mated pair will go on a rampage, usually to provide fresh meat to their 2 to 6 young. As the young mature, they will go on hunts with the parents, much to the dismay of any other lifeform they meet. When the young reach about 5 months old, they leave the family group to go off on their own. The parents often part company at this time, but not always. If hunting is good, they may stick together.

In battling these wicked creatures, fire is the preferred weapon. It takes them much longer to regenerate damage done that way and damage done by magical fire cannot be healed at all. Cold spells will slow them to half speed, but won’t do any damage.


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