The Rocking & Rolling, But Still Pretty Much PG-13 Rated, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The All Night Party

…co-starring her best buddy, Babs Booderbog

The Doclopedia #1,308

Famous Bunnies: Larry

Larry was the companion animal of Captain Ricardo Torres, leader of the first colony on Mars. He was two years old when they left Earth and not quite three when they landed.

By all accounts, Larry was a well behaved bunny and seldom did anything naughty. He often spent his days roaming around Garden Domes 1 & 2 or in the Captain’s office. His best friend was Angus, the tabby cat belonging to Dr. Maxine Yoder.

Then the day came when Gregory Zolvich went mad and threatened to explode a bomb he was wearing in the fully packed dining hall on Christmas Day. Zolvich, a certified genius, had managed to get through the entire vetting process while hiding his insane hatred of the whole Mars colonization effort. The bomb suit he wore was big, bulky and had enough homemade explosive in it to take out half the colony.

As Zolvich stood next to a table ranting and facing the 49 other humans who made up the colony, he did not see Larry and Angus saunter in from Garden Dome 2. As he was demanding a live connection to Earth, he was totally unaware that the two pets had jumped up onto the table and were sitting behind him. Everyone else could see when the bunny, as bunnies have done for decades, began sniffing the wires leading from the detonator in Gregory’s hand to the suit full of explosives. Those who knew bunnies knew what would happen next.

Larry began chewing on the wires.

Many of the humans later said that they were certain they were going to die then. Wanting to save lives as long as possible, Captain Torres yelled “Larry, NO!”

Zolvich spun to swat at Larry, who deftly avoided him. When an angry Angus leaped up, claws and teeth ready, onto the madman’s face, there was no avoiding it. As Technician Pak Joon described it, “it was all ginger fur and blood”. Of course, Zolvich released his deadman switch, but nothing happened. Larry had defused the bomb.

Minutes later, Gregory Zolvich, his face ripped to shreds, was out of his suit and off to the brig. He was later sent back to Earth were he spent the rest of his life in prison.

Lary lived 14 more years, thanks to the lower gravity of Mars. Angus died 5 years after his best friend. Today, in the much larger version of Garden Dome 2, there is a stainless steel statue of Larry and Angus. It is the most visited spot by tourists on the entire planet.

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