In The News: Two Blue Shoes And A Bag Of Screws

…owned by some shrews


The Doclopedia #1,310

Famous Bunnies: Murph & Brownie

On Earth 176-G, where there are no humans, there are dozens of other sentient species. Among these are the Rabbits, who specialize in the entertainment industry. Yes, bunnies act in, write, direct and produce most motion pictures and television shows. They are very good at it, too.

Two of the most famous bunny writer/performers are the duo of Murph Hopwell and Brownie Twitchtail. For over 50 years, starting in 1940, they have been writing and acting in comedy films. They have also appeared many times on television and in nightclubs.

The first Murph & Brownie film was “Rabbits On The Road”, the plot of which found them traveling across the United States in an old jalopy, staying just about a step ahead of the mobsters they owed money to. The film did great at the box office and lead to “Hare Raising House”, a haunted house spoof.

From there on, the movies came one or two a year. When television took off, Murph & Brownie were all over it. They also started doing shows in Las Vegas for two weeks a year. Their off Broadway show “Hellzahoppin” ran for two years and won 5 Tony awards.

In 1994, Murph & Brownie retired from the industry to spend their senior years with their families and to work on their book “Murph & Brownie: The Secret Of Our Success. Or Not.”

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