The Rare And Beautiful Pig Faced Orc Of Potawango Island

…old roleplayers will get the joke




The Doclopedia #1,311

Modern Magical Items: Enchanted Pooper Scooper

This item looks like the sort of device owned by millions of dog owners around the world. Long handle and a scoop at the end. They come in a variety of colors.

But this pooper scooper has one important difference: it is enchanted so as to bind an incorporeal spirit into it. Most of the time, such spirits are those of dead politicians and greedy captains of industry, but in the last century, the spirits of televangelists have become popular.

Enchanted pooper scoopers are set by the dog owner to materialize any time the pooch does his business. They scoop it up and then take it to a magical waste dump that turns it into good clean soil. That soil is then spread around to areas that are badly eroded or low in organic matter.

The average price of these devices runs 300 American dollars and there is often a 2 week wait.