Pajamas: The Playboy Dog

…he’s a smooth operator



The Doclopedia #1,312

Modern Magical Items: Brassiere Of Ultimate Comfort

As one might imagine, this item is in big demand. Calling them a brassiere is actually not true. There are no straps at all, just two cups of varying design, depending upon the needs of the woman.

While the number and type of spells used to create these bras is complex, the basic way they work is pretty simple. When activated by the command word, the bra floats under the designated breasts, then gently lifts them into position. The woman adjusts things using command until everything is just right. Easy peasy.

These bras are also enchanted to keep the breasts at a comfortable temperature, which, of course, the wearer can control. Sweaty boobs are a thing of the past, ladies. Of course, the bras are very easy to remove with just a word.

These brassieres are custom made and take about a month to make. They cost 500 American dollars and the women who own them would shoot you before they’d let you take their bra away.


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