Fantastic Breasts And Where To Find Them

…What? Oh, it’s BEASTS! My bad.

The Doclopedia #1,313

Modern Magical Items: Garden Tool Golem

The first thing you need to know about Garden Tool Golems is that nobody knows who the hell is making them. They just appear one day, walking through the suburbs wearing a sign saying “Do you need help in the garden?” If you tell them yes, they ask you what you need done, then do it.

Another thing about these strange magical creations is that none of them look like any of the others. Every Garden Tool Golem is made of different garden tools and implements and they aren’t even all humanoid shaped. One of the most famous looked like a giant scorpion. His “stinger” on the tail was an electric hedge trimmer.

Garden Tool Golems will often spend years in one town, then leave late at night for another town. Nobody knows why they do it.

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