Never Put Eels In Your Underwear

…trust me on this.

The Doclopedia #1,316

Well, That’s Different: The Feminist Firestorm

(I’ve gone to several alternate worlds almost identical to our Earth, but at different stages of the past. Sometimes, I’ve caused some changes. Here is one.)

This one was only my fault in that I suggested going to Earth 20-H for a weekend. The actual messing about with history lies squarely at the feet of the females in our little tour group.

So there we are, in February, 1804, at a party put on by President Jefferson to celebrate the approval of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. It was a fine affair and after dinner, the men went off to discuss weighty matters while the women went off to discuss the men. Hey, it was 1804, okay?

I will not go into how having my friends Spike, Peter, Brian, my brother in law Mike, and I give suggestions about the expedition changed things. That is something for another entry.

However, the things my wife, Grace, my sister, Rosie, our friends Avis, Mary, Holly & Caroline, and our dogs/daughters Sasha, Silky & Daisy (in their android bodies) discussed with the women are what this entry is all about.

Despite being warned to not bring up 21st (or even late 19th Century) ideas, the women did exactly that. They discussed everything from the vote to birth control to inheritance rights to orgasms. By the time we left the party, the 40 or so other women had been given a whole lot to think about.

And read about. See, somebody, whose name probably rhymes with Sasha Jane Cross, left behind a tablet containing a detailed history of the world from 1775 to 2015. Given that this tablet is alien tech and has a battery that will last 165 years, I reckon a few generations of feminists either read it directly or read stuff taken from it.

Within about 5 years, feminism was rampant in the United States and growing fast everywhere else. In Germany, Princess Victoria, the future mother of Queen Victoria of England, read various feminist tracts with great interest. Feminism was even making inroads into countries where a woman could get killed for ever mentioning being a mans equal.

By 1825, the shit had really hit the fan. Women were making all sorts of demands and not taking a lot of shit from men. In the USA, most of these women were also ardent abolitionists, which didn’t endear them to the South. In heavily Catholic countries, they were a big thorn in the Church’s side. In other countries, the “feminist threat” grew in great secrecy. Eventually, in some countries, actual wars between the sexes broke out. In most of these, the women, who had been gearing up for this, won.

Over the next 20 years, pretty much all of the great world powers were forced to make concessions to women. In some places, it was merely the right to vote and own their own property. In others, like the United States, the UK (where Queen Victoria was an ardent feminist) and France, it meant being able to run for office, divorce a husband and do pretty much whatever a man could. Strong rape laws were enacted and birth control was legalized. Women owned businesses, taught at universities and held high office.

When we returned to Earth 20-H in their year of 1900, we found gender parity was the norm in almost every country on Earth. We also found that their 1900 was more like our 1925, from a technological point of view. I’m kind of interested in seeing what their 2016 will look like.

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