My Life Among The Snarky Women

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The Doclopedia #1,317

Well, That’s Different: Ronald Reagan, Liberal Superstar

(I’ve gone to several alternate worlds almost identical to our Earth, but at different stages of the past. Sometimes, I’ve caused some changes. Here is one.)

When told about my history “restructuring”, most people either get pissed off or congratulate me. Sometimes they just stare at me.

Making, or rather, keeping, the Earth 5-B Ronald Reagan a liberal Democrat seems to piss off almost everyone, at first. The Conservatives come at me like I nuked Jesus and the Liberals ask me why I didn’t just remove him from politics entirely. Libertarians just argue among themselves as to what degree of asshole I am.

What really pisses off the right wing side of my critics is how dead easy it was to keep Reagan a liberal, and a flaming activist liberal at that. All it took was about 5 minutes of my time (in early 1941) and a neuralizer used on him and his then wife, Jane Wyman. I just reinforced their love for each other, their liberal points of view and their desire for Ron to become President someday. They did the rest. Well, okay, I might have removed a stumbling block or two, like J. Edgar Hoover as head of the FBI (slipped into a coma in 1946, didn’t come out for 7 years) and California Governor Edmund “Pat” Brown (minor heart attack in 1962 that took him out of running for re-election as governor). Oh, and I had Nancy Davis quit acting in 1947 and marry a Texas oil man. But aside from THAT, they did everything on their own. One thing they did NOT do was testify before the Senate witch hunts held by Senator Joe McCarthy. In face, Reagan gave a speech that started McCarthy’s slide into disgrace.

As charismatic and likeable on Earth 5-B as he was here, Reagan ran for Governor of California in 1962 (here it was 1966) and won in a landslide, defeating Richard Nixon by 12 percentage points and ending Nixon’s political career forever. Reagan was an extremely popular governor and was willing to work with Republicans when the need arose. He was re-elected in a second landslide in 1966.

Reagan campaigned tirelessly for Robert Kennedy, who won the Presidential election in 1968. Reagan had also campaigned for John Kennedy in both 1960 and 1964, a fact which JFK credited with helping him win big both times. When RFK was shot and nearly killed early in the 1972 campaign, Reagan stepped up and got the nomination. In November, the Reagan/Humphrey ticket won handily, in no small part thanks to the “Reagan Republicans” who defied their party to vote for him.. In 1976, with Humphrey deciding not to run due to poor health, Reagan chose the now fully recovered Robert Kennedy as his running mate. They won in another landslide.

During his 8 years as President, Ronald Reagan oversaw the passage of tough environmental laws and the Equal Rights Amendment, establishment of relations with China, the fall of the Soviet Union, a resumption of relations with Cuba (who were screwed after the Soviet Union collapsed) and a steadily growing economy. During his 8 years in office, there was not a single major military conflict anywhere on earth and many dictators were ousted.

After leaving office, Ronald Reagan continued to work for the Democratic party and various United Nations efforts. He even acted in a few movies. He died in his sleep on June 5th, 2007 at the age of 96. The world mourned his passing.

In 2009, the first permanent base on Mars was named after him.


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