It’s All Fun And Games Until You Get Caught By Her Parents

…run, boy, RUN


The Doclopedia #1,319

Welcome To The Village: Porklyville

On PigEarth 3, where humanoid pigs are the dominant species, you’ll find the sleepy little town of Porklyville, Texas. Nothing much ever happens in Porklyville. People buy food at the Piggly Wiggly, go dancing and drinking at the Hog Wilde Saloon and see movies at Hamlet Theater. Local radio station KPRK broadcasts the news, weather, farm reports and music for 1940.

Because in Porklyville, it is always 1940.

The reason for this is that 1940 was the last safe year before the Different Pigs began showing up. Pigs that had powers. Mutants pigs.

Now, if these mutants had all been nice folks who worked for the betterment of swinekind, that would have been one thing. Trouble is, about two thirds of Mutants turn evil, crazy or both. Hell, even the ones that don’t go bad do all sorts of things that cause trouble and disrupt life. Mutants just couldn’t be allowed to run free.

So, in 1962, after over 20 years of dealing with Mutants both good and bad, one Mutant, Mental Wizard by name, helped the United States Government create Porklyville and a serum that first suppressed, then eradicated Mutant powers. He was the first citizen of Porklyville.

Now, the 2,231 citizens of Porklyville live their lives unaware that they ever lived anywhere else. They have false memories implanted before they arrive in town and, of course, never leave.

New residents, who now only arrive one or two per year. Always arrive at the town New Years Eve party, which everyone attends and which resets everyone’s memories to midnight, January 1, 1940. The mental programming has anybody that died the previous year replaced by new folks or “gone to live in Florida”. The whole process runs smooth as silk.

The power suppressant/eradicator is pumped into the towns water system. The road that runs through town is always washed out 5 miles to the north and nobody ever even thinks to drive more than 5 miles to the south, where the McPiggins ranch marks the boundary around town. Folks are happy to just live their lives in Porklyville, having the odd chat with delivery trucks that bring in supplies or take out cattle. Life is good.

Porklyville is at the center of a 10 mile wide circle. A couple of dozen ranches and farms surround it. Half of the circle is surrounded by “Fort Swiney Army Base” while the second half is surrounded by the “United States Scientific Testing Area”. Being good citizens, the populace of Porklyville never crosses the posted boundary fences.

There is not another town for 50 miles around the boundary. No jet planes fly over and a jamming field keeps out unwanted radio signals.

In the outside world, it is 2003. There are versions of Porklyville all over the world, operated by the United Nations with United States aid.

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