A Pretty Kitty Sang A Witty Ditty

…her name was Smitty


The Doclopedia #1,320

Welcome To The Village: Granuush

Orcs. Ugly, violent, greedy, treacherous, cunning Orcs. Everybody knows them and everybody hates them. They even hate each other, which is why the various Orc clans are always at war with each other. Did we mention the practice cannibalism? They do, and often.

But not in the village of Granuush, an Orcish settlement of 900 individuals. Nope, these Orcs are peaceful and good natured. They tend farms and orchards and have shops. They sing merrily as they work and never fail to come to the aid of someone who needs help. They are, by any measure, darned nice folks.

And the 150,000 Orcs who surround them in the Wasteland of Kresh are terrified of them.

The story goes that about 100 years ago, several dozen Orc teenagers went through a sudden metamorphosis and changed into a slightly taller, much less ugly and much more peaceful version of your standard Orc. Naturally, the first instinct was to kill them, but the shamans forbade that. They declared that these new Orcs were punishment from the Orcish god Tuz and harming them would really piss Tuz off. Nobody wanted that, so they decided to exile them to one of the few remaining areas of fertile land in the Wasteland. Then they marked off a wide perimeter around it and left the New Orcs to fend for themselves. Later, when more teenagers changed, they sent them there, too. Eventually, the changes stopped happening, but by then, there were almost 200 of the New Orcs living and thriving in the newly named village of Granuush.

The village and it’s surrounding farms now measure 5 miles across. Much former wasteland has been reclaimed. New Orc children go to school in a fine new school house and a couple of them have recently shown signs of magical aptitude. On a couple of evenings a week, the whole village gathers to sing songs and play music. Life is very good in Granuush.

Note: Of all the villages discussed in this theme, Granuush is the only one where the occupants not only know the truth about where they are, they are happy to be there.