The Trouble Sisters Go Looking For The Teflon Bastard

…they wanted to mess him up



The Doclopedia #1,321

Welcome To The Village: Dragon Point

There are exactly 300 people living in Dragon Point. 150 men and 150 women, all of them looking about 50 years old. Unlike ordinary humans, these folks have strange colored hair. Some have fiery red-orange hair, which isn’t too odd, but others have jet black or green or yellow or blue hair. Some have gold or silver or bronze colored hair and others have hair as white as snow. The Dragon Point citizens don’t think twice about it, but the rare outsider who comes to visit tends to stare.

Those outsiders tend to come in two flavors: wandering wizards who might stay as long as a week, and traders who pull in with their ships, do their business, have a meal & an ale and leave. Still, the ships pull in once a week and news of the far lands gets told, so the Pointers, as outsiders call them, are up on the latest news.

Left to their own devices, the Pointers spend time fishing or gardening or crafting various trade items that the merchant captains pay very good money for. Sometimes, dances are held and every attends. Other than that, life is very slow and pleasant in Dragon Point. Nobody seems to think much about the future or the past, because everyone in town is a Dragon and may well live another 500 years.

The last 300 Dragon’s in the world have chosen to live here, disguised as humans, because the great and terrible Traxontoraz, most evil of all Dragons, still lives and searches for his kin, whom he wants to slay and eat to lengthen his life. So far, he has not found them. Since he is very old and growing weak, the Dragon Point citizens only need to stay hidden another 150-200 years. At that point, either Traxontoraz will be dead or too weak to defend himself against a mass attack.

Until that day, the colorful folks of Dragon Point will keep on leading their simple lives.

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