The Cucumber Of Madness (And Other Stories)

…spoooooky stories!

The Doclopedia #1,322

Spells Gone Wild: Fireball

“I swear, Finniken, as Great Hothar is my witness, not one of my old masters ever said not to cast the Fireball spell in an area of very high natural mana. They talked about the problems in low mana areas and how you should not cast it in small spaces or underwater, but there was not one bloody word about high mana areas!

I mean, I figured I’d get some added power in the distance and damage, but who knew it would cover an area 80 feet across? Those trolls were incinerated. Pity about our two hired hands, but at least that chest full of gold is all in one chunk now.

Okay, okay, let me rub on this healing salve. There, see, those burns are healing right up! And faster than normal, too. I guess the mana affects all magic hereabouts. What? You feel your wisdom teeth growing back? Oh bother.”


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