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The Doclopedia #1,324

Spells Gone Wild: Magic Missile

Horkaw! Whut da hell wuz dat? You was s’posed ta cast dat spell at dose hoomans an’ dwarfs! How come dem magical mizzels went all over an hit our guyz? One a’ dem blew Fugnor’s arm clean off! Dwox iz dead! Cagmuk ain’t got no junk no more! Mizzez Cagnuk is gonna be pissed off.

Now you cast dat spell again an’ kill some o’ dem hoomans comin’ toward us!

(Seven magic missiles are unleashed)

AARRGH! Ya did it a’gin, Horkaw! Ya kilt three of da boyz an now Fugnor ain’t got no arms left! Roog done got hiz sword hand esploded an’ Migbok only gots half a face now. Git over here so’s I can cut off yer head!

I said GIT OVER HERE, ya coward! If I had both me feet, I’d come git ya!”