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The Doclopedia #1,330

News Of The Multiverse: The Arts

Sacramento, California, Earth 3-B: The latest Woodstock Festival, the 48th in a row, will be held just outside this city in August of this year. A 500 acre festival grounds is being prepared. It will include dining areas, camping areas, several first aid stations and extensive bathrooms. To combat the expected 100+ degree temperatures, cooling stations will also be set up. No word yet on acts, but it is expected that Northern California stalwarts like Santana, the Grateful Dead and Huey Lewis & The News will perform.

Gotham City, Earth 200-K: Plans are going ahead for the city’s annual Valentine’s Day Festival despite the recent escape of 14 criminals from Arkham Asylum. The mayor, speaking from the steps of City Hall, assured the press that security would be “tighter than ever”. Commissioner Gordon reported that 4 of the criminals are already back in custody and “more arrests are coming”.

New Bark City, DogEarth 3: Rock band The Terrierists will launch their 2017 World Tour here tonight. They will do 3 nights here, then move on to Woofington, DC for 2 nights before crisscrossing North America for 30 shows in 20 cities. The band will feature hit from their new album “Bones for Baby”, as well as past hits. After North America, the tour moves to Asia for 15 shows.


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