Burritos In The Bed

…frozen burritos!


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The Doclopedia #1,334

It’s A Trap!: In Space

I am having trouble mentally processing your story, FangBrother Essossk. You tell me that your ship, one of the best attack vessels in the entire fleet, was lured into a trap by one tiny Vismonti trade ship. Excuse me, it was not only your ship, but the four Hsshkiss class escorts and the Krrisskk class troop carrier that accompanied you. Lured into a very cunning trap set by the Thousand Worlds Alliance. A trap that lead to the capture of all six ships after a short battle that killed 272 FangBrothers and FangSisters. A trap that has seen the Sshaaassh Empire paying a ransom of 3.5 billion credits and signing a peace treaty with the Vismonti systems. A trap which has ultimately brought me from the warmth of Sshekkassh to this cold and dry planet, all in hopes that I could make sense of this to report back to the Empress about it. So, tell me once again how this trap unfolded.”

<several minutes pass>

So, you had every reason to believe the trade ship was hauling ulb metal and a prototype of a Mark 9 weapons system. While either of those would be more than worth taking a risk for, did it not seem strange to you that one small unguarded ship would be carrying both items so near our border? Oh, your judgment was clouded by excitement, was it? I see.

And when the ship started heading for that three moon cluster around Ranizex 5, you were too excited to wonder if there might not be Alliance ships hiding behind the moons? You just forged ahead, chasing the trade ship than you had not even tried to deep scan? My, my, you must have been very excited. Of course, when the 32 hidden ships revealed themselves, I’ll wager the excitement vanished, didn’t it?

Having given this much thought, I have decided that you and all of your officers will be transported to the Imperial Haven where you shall be killed and then served up for dinner at Her Imperial Majesty’s annual Loyalty Ball. Won’t that be exciting?”



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