Doc Tempest And The Earthquake Master

…from the May 1939 issue

The Doclopedia #1,363

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “K”

K is for: Kong

Kong is the main HarvestBot in the dome. His name is derived from the fact that he was built by the King Robotics Plant in Helium Dome. He is fine with the name.

Like most HarvestBots, Kong was made to harvest a wide variety of fruits & vegetables. He can harvest 10 hectares of most vegetables in under 8 hours. He is not programmed or equipped for berries, but can cut grapes. He is not built to harvest grains.

Kong is a rather somber fellow, but does enjoy singing opera arias while he works. He is rumored to be a closet blues fan.

Chapter 28: In Which Our Hero, Having Recently Been Robbed By A Masked Spaniard, Makes Friends With An Otter

…and plots his revenge


The Doclopedia #1,362

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “J”

J is for: Javier O’Toole

Javier is a fairly recent immigrant to Mars, having arrived with his new bride ten years ago. He came to Gardener Dome specifically to take over running his uncle’s avocado farm in Tower Farm 12. Since he has taken it over, he has increased production on the first 4 levels and added 3 more. He is the 5th largest avocado producer on the planet.

Javier is also a breeder and shower of Martian Terriers. His dogs have won many awards in both the show ring and in agility competitions. His Grand Champion stud, Smooth Eddie, is the winner of over 100 medals in both categories.

Javier is 5′ 10” tall, has curly black hair, brown eyes and likes to wear a cowboy hat. He and his wife, Cora, have three children.

The Second To Last Jedi

…he retired early and didn’t get killed


The Doclopedia #1,361

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “I”

I is for: Iggy Pup

There are 5,643 Smart Dogs on Mars. Iggy is one of them. He is known around the dome as both a reliable businessdog and an irrepressible goofball.

The business Iggy is in is the buying and selling of livestock. He buys from local farmers and sells wholesale to grocers in other domes. He is partners with his two younger brothers, Dave and Oscar. Their reputation in business is spotless and the have the awards to prove it.

Outside of his business, Iggy, is known for doing stand up comedy, coming up with wacky ways to promote Gardener Dome (he once dyed himself green and did a tour of the major domes as “Veggie Hound”) and putting on a retro rock festival every year in nearby Meadow Dome 29.

Iggy is a Labrador/Malinois mix. He is 31 years old and is mostly black with touches of gray on his face. He is married and has 6 children. He was born on Mars.

Here Comes Pam, The Talking Vacuum Cleaner!

…dogs & cats are terrified of her

The Doclopedia #1,360

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “H”

H is for: Hespy Mikks

Hespy (real name Hesperidia) is a native of Gardener Dome, having been born there 16 years ago. She lives with her parents and two younger brothers in Tower Farm 7 on the south side of the dome. Their 7 story farm has 5 stories of fruit tree orchards and two stories of nut trees.

Known about town as a young woman of great ambition, Hespy has a variety of small business ventures going at any time. These can include babysitting, dog washing, selling her famous apple cookies and generally running errands for folks. She is also a very good singer and guitar player and often performs at local eating and drinking establishments.

Hespy is 5’11” tall and has long blonde hair, Her eyes are blue. She expects to go to UOM Barsoom Campus after she graduates from high school next year.

Mexican Jenny Had A Way With Cats

…none of them ever tried to kill her

The Doclopedia #1,359

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “G”

G is for: Gilbert Gardener

Gil, as everyone calls him, is the founder of Gardener Dome. He is also the oldest person in the dome at age 90. Everyone like him and he is very proud of the dome’s success.

Gil was born in the Bradbury Dome complex and grew up on a farm there. Upon graduating college, he went into the hotel business, opening a small hotel on Olympus Mons. It proved to be very popular with tourists from offworld and within 5 years he expanded it and opened another at Valles Marineris. Ten years later, he owned 11 hotels and resorts across Mars.

Then he sold them all and applied to build a primarily farming dome. When the 15 kilometer dome was finally finished, he put out a call to farmers and small businessfolk. The rest is history.

Gil lives on a small farm on the north side of the dome, where he and his wife of 70 years, Wendy, grow vegetables.

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It’s All Fun And Games Until You Spill Hot Pepper Juice On Your Crotch

…you will speak in tongues


The Doclopedia #1,358

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “F”

F is for: Freddy

Freddy is a chimera, part human, part chimpanzee. In Gardener Dome, he is part of the Dome Maintenance Unit. If you see a big hairy guy on one of the dome access catwalks, it is most certainly Freddy.

While his ability to speak is somewhat limited by an incomplete human voice box, his intelligence is at human average. Freddy is a very pleasant fellow and enjoys being in the company of humans and AIs.

Freddy stands 6 feet tall, weighs 225 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. His favorite food is tamales. He was born on Mars.

Mr. Fishy Fish Makes A Very Bad Decision

…he jumped out of the fish bowl and it was fatal

The Doclopedia #1,357

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “E”

E is for: Emily Salonga

Emily,“Emmy” to her friends, is the owner and head baker at “Third Street Bakery” in downtown Gardener. She has owned and run the shop with her husband Eddie for the last 25 years. It is a very popular place to sit and have pastry and coffee in the morning.

Emmy is not only the best baker in Gardener Dome, she is one of the top five bakers on Mars, as her wall of trophies will attest. Her chocolate coconut ginger donuts are her best sellers.

Emily is a 50 year old Filipino woman. She stands 5′ 6” tall and is somewhat plump. She was born on Earth.

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