Module J-2: Lost In The Forest Of Trolls

…not a reference to Twitter

The Doclopedia #1,365

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “M”

M is for: Moko Timi

One of several Smart Animals in Gardener Dome, Moko is a lowland gorilla and a teacher at Midtown Day School. She is a graduate of the University of Mars Wells Dome Complex, with a Masters degree in Early Childhood education.

A loving and nurturing person by nature, Moko is much loved by her students, many of whom drop by to see her even when they have reached high school age. She is also on the Town Council.

Moko is 40 years old and married to Danaki, her husband of 20 years. They have three children and live out near the fruit packing plant. They have two dogs and a cat. Moko was born on Mars.

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