The Action Packed, But Also Very Touching, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Saucer Men From Neptune

…co-starring her hated enemy, Lemony Fresh Luella

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The Doclopedia #1,368

The Alphabet: Gardener Dome, Mars “S”

S is for: Sam 15

Sam 15 is the operator of the Gardner Dome Gaming Pub. The Pub is a popular place and has every type of game from traditional card games to boardgames, RPGs and the latest VR games. The pub serves 150 different types of beer and 75 types of wine. The food is simple, but well prepared and tasty.

Sam 15 has owned the pub for the last 9 years and has expanded it twice in that time. A friendly and outgoing cyborg, Sam makes everyone feel welcome. His favorite games are darts, Card Wars, Asteroid Trader and poker. Every year, he hosts the Martian Battle Royal of Poker for charity.

Sam 15 stands 6 feet tall, has no body hair at all, has one green eye and one JunCorp Model 9 cyber-eye and usually dresses in a blue jumpsuit. He is not married.

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