Doc Tempest VS The Unspeakable Horror

…from the August, 1951 issue


CritterCon 11

Trip Day One, Intro (July 20th)

Greetings, Gentle Readers! Once again it’s time for our annual trip to the greatest imaginary gaming con ever, CritterCon 11. The local time is 5:00 am and I have just finished a hearty bowl of Cap’n Crunch and am about to down a mug of tea so powerful, I’ve nicknamed it Thanos. After that, around 5:30, we will depart lovely Casa Cross and do a dimensional sidestep to…

…lovely Casa Cross! On Earth 1-G. In the year 1980.

A Momentary Divergence: This version of our house is considerably different than the one on our Earth. For one thing, it sets on 4 acres of land, most of which is gardens, orchards and small paddocks for goats, pigs and poultry. In fact, all of the homes in this area are on at least 2 acres, because the state of California passed a bill in 1961 that was made to preserve farmland and natural habitats. I wish we could do that on Earth Prime.

Anyway, the Doc and Grace living here are much younger than us (26 and 24) and have 4 kids (two born to them and two adopted) with number 5 on the way. Obviously, they are way braver than we are. Like all sensible diurnal creatures, they, the kids, the dogs (4) and cats (2) are all asleep at this hour and thus will not mind us pulling out of their driveway. And the neighbors won’t see us, so all is good.

We Return To Our Story: Our route this year takes us down Interstate 99 to Los Angeles, then to San Diego, then across SoCal on I-8 until we turn toward I-10, at which point it’s straight on toward Critter City, Texas.

We are taking this Alternate Earth route mostly because after 10 years of traveling in our world, including wildly spread out routes and time travel to various decades, we’ve kind of gotten bored with the same old same old. I’d also like to point out that this was Grace’s idea.

And here, labeled for you newbies, we have our record sized crew for this year, including…

Grace Cross (my wife)

Silky Cross (a dog)

Luke Cross (a dog)

Sasha Cross (a dog)

Daisy Cross (a dog)

Max Bunnington (a rabbit)

Misty Blake (a dog)

Janet Woods (a skunk)

Avis Crane (a human, the original version again and an old friend)

Leon Crane (a cat)

Ginie Murphy (human, a friend)

Roxy Murphy (a cat)

Spike Y Jones (human, another old friend)

Mary Jones (human, wife of Spike)

Gabriel Gentile (human, friend and voice actor)

Brian Misiaszek (human, old friend and actual doctor)

Caroline King (human, wife of Brian, also a doctor)

Sadie Misiaszek (a dog)

Peter Hildreth (human, old friend)

Holly Hildreth (human, Peter’s wife)
Goldie Hildreth (a dog)

Penny Hildreth (a cat)

An Important Note: Because I am getting lazy in my old age, I am letting the above mentioned critters actually do the bulk of this trip/con report. I’m sure we all look forward to their commentary.

And now, I must drink my tea before it snaps it’s fingers and half the population of the universe disappears.

Destination Sign: Pork Chop Hill
QM Radio Station: The Best of Surf Music (turned way down low and only playing in the Driver’s Seat area)


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