Doctor Silkmelon And Mister Porkwaffle Attend A Dance

…nothing at all like hilarity ensued

CritterCon 11

Trip Day Six/Con Day 0 (By Silky)

Hello everyone! It has been a fairly busy day, so let’s dive right into our recap.

Our first and only stop was at The World Famous Monster Cars Of Texas. This place has 205 cars, pickups, big rigs and motorcycles modified to look like monsters, or as Max said “mutant Transformers from Hell”. It’s a pretty interesting place and you can see how the mods on the cars has improved over the years. Some of them are pretty scary looking, but others are just kind of goofy. We were here for 90 minutes, plus another 15 in the gift shop.

(Sasha: I gave serious thought to tossing some nanites around, programmed to rebuild those cars and bring them to life.)

During the hour drive to the con, everyone went to the Slide Room and Daddy set it to Waterslide. It was a cool and refreshing and fun time. It was also during this time that we returned to our world.

(Goldie: Goodbye, alternate 1980!)

As we drove into the Critter City dome we saw video ads for a new restaurant, Tamalemania! And the newest All Goat Review, starring our sisters, Abigail & Beatrice. There were also ads for various con events.

(Misty: Odds of The Doctor eating at that tamale place? Dead certain!)

(Daisy: Yep, Daddy loves his tamales.)

(Sasha: Have to get tix to see Abbie & Bea!)

Our rooms & suites this year are at the brand new Hilton Underground Hotel. Critter City has been putting all new and many old businesses underground for the last three years. This has freed up a good chunk of land inside the dome, most of which is now set up as assorted pet parks.

(Penny: I need to try out that cat park.)

As soon as we NHT got to our spacious suite, Sasha ported in our pals from home. It was great to see Ollie, Snowy, Moose, Happy, Willy, Hector, Suzie, Pixie, Clara and Buster. There is also a new friend, Chance, who Sasha insists is just a springer spaniel, not a young boy in a spaniel body.

(Sasha: Yep, he’s just a nice young dog!)

(Chance: WOOF! Hahahahaha!)

I should note that while we are at the con, the Bus and all the SmartBots went off to BotEarth 3-B for a little vacation of their own.

(Luke: I wonder if the Bus will meet another nice vehicle for some…well, I’m not sure what.)

After an hour of everyone getting settled in, our now huge (34 sapients!) group headed over to grab our badges and swag bags. Turns out this year’s con theme is Spies, so the badges look like badges for MI6, CIA, KGB, and a host of others, including UNIT, IMF and U.N.C.L.E. The swag bag was a heavy duty cardboard briefcase. The con book inside was done up like a training manual and a bunch of dossier files. There were the usual discount cards for local businesses, a Spy vs Spy card game, a couple of spy dog/cat/pig/bunny/ferret minis, a commemorative D20 and a cool ballpoint pen that can fire little Nerf bullets. The wait in line to get this stuff was pretty short and the PA system was playing Bond movie theme songs.

(Leon: Leon Crane, Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. here, baby!)

(Max: My name is Bunnington, Max Bunnington, of MI6. License to thrill.)

(Daisy: Ooh, baby!)

We left the convention center and walked across the street to our traditional hot dog lunch at Ed’s Big Weenie. We ate chili dogs and corn dogs and all sorts of hot dogs. As always, they were great. You just can’t beat Ed’s Big Weenie!

(Sadie: I love Ed’s Big Weenie.)

The next few hours were spent reading the con book, napping, talking with friends who had just arrived at the con and for a few of our party, getting laid.

(Max: Hey, rabbit here!)

(Luke: Hey, old horndog here!)

Around 6:00 we all went to dinner with about 40 more friends. We went to Curry On Eating! and had some of their excellent Indian food. I had a mild curry, as did Mom and several other folks. Daddy, Uncle Peter and a bunch of other nuts had the hot curry, and it must have been very hot, judging from the sweating.

(Luke: It was two hours before I could feel my tongue again!)

Once dinner was done, we all strolled around town for an hour, then headed for the pre-convention Ice Cream Social/Bourbonfest. Those of us not feeling like partaking of booze ate some ice cream, then returned to our rooms. Sasha, Janet, Buster, Snowy, Sadie, Ollie and Chance the definitely a dog, all played games. I think Mom, Auntie Mary & Auntie Holly sat and chatted a while.

The rest of us showed up about 1:00 am in varied states of inebriation, except Uncle Spike, Moose and Pixie, who don’t drink, and Auntie Avis and Hector, who only drink a little.

(Roxie: Folks, Silky has some great stories to tell after about her third shot of bourbon.)

(Leon: The one about her shitting on Nixon’s shoe was hilarious!)

And now everyone is asleep and I’m finishing this up. Tomorrow, it’s con time!

De beaux rêves, mes amis.

Destination Sign When We Started: The Little House On The Prairie
Destination Sign When We Stopped: Nehwon

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