The Warm And Folksy, But Also Somewhat Hip, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Singing Aardvark

…co-starring her moderately wealthy Aunt Olivia


CritterCon 11

Trip Day Twelve (By Daisy)

Daisy here again, folks. I figured since I started the actual trip report, I’d finish it.

Our trip home up I-5 was pretty uneventful, especially since the Bus left Gorman at 5 in the morning while we were all asleep. We were passing Fresno when we finally got up.

What can I say to sum this trip up? Our traveling band was huge, the trip was unique, as most of them are, and the con itself was just as fun as ever. We saw friends old & new, ate great food and did fun stuff. I guess you can’t ask for more than that.

I need to sign off now, because I seriously need a nap before Max and I begin packing up to leave for GenCon tonight. Yes, we are crazy.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s report. Next year, Daddy will be back to doing it.

Live long and prosper,


CritterCon 11 is over

But we will all be back next year for

CritterCon 12


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