While My Guitar Gently Meeps

…it’s a muppet guitar

The Doclopedia #1,390

Potion Ingredients: Piko Root

Like many other sought after and expensive ingredients, Piko Root demands a high price because it is such a bloody pain in the arse to get to. It is not at all rare in the high valley it grows in, but you’ll travel over 3,000 miles to find that out.

The Piko Bush is a small, low growing evergreen with bright green foliage. In the spring and summer, it produces clusters of small red berries that are popular with hungry birds. The best time to harvest the roots is early fall. Do not take more than a third of the roots, so as to allow the plant to survive the winter.

As to getting to the Donhexian Valley where the Piko Bushes grow, you must join a caravan heading east along the Grand Road. After crossing and hopefully surviving the Great Central Desert, you will arrive at Tradetown, on the banks of the River of the Gods. Book passage on a barge heading south to Canipas and you are halfway there. From Canipas, hire a ship to take you to the mouth of the River Jurr, then follow it upstream for about 200 miles until you ascend into the high mountains. You will know you are near the Donhexian Domain when you start seeing skulls on posts.


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