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…I prefer stouts and porters.

The Doclopedia #1,391

Potion Ingredients: The Tears Of The Clown

We all know that the God of Terror most often takes the form of a clown whose name we shall not speak here. He…It…is a horrific creature and has rightfully been stripped of most of his former power by the other gods.

This does not mean he is weak. Far from it. He still manifests in small towns to prey upon children and adults. His need to feed upon their fear is endless.

His weakness is that he requires at least three worshipers to call him to a likely town using a ritual murder. This always takes place about two miles outside of town in an old abandoned house or a small clearing in the woods.

For reasons unknown to even the God of Terror, these murders always cause a small spring to bubble up from the ground where the victim died. The springs never get very large, with most being about three inches deep and a for or two across. They last exactly a year, then dry up.

It is from these springs that you can gather up the Tears of the Clown. However, the utmost care must be taken not to get any of the water on your bare skin. To do so causes hallucinations and madness, so be very careful.

The Tears of the Clown will sell for at least 1,000 gold pieces per ounce.



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