A Short Film About Grits

…no, it’s not a gritty film.

The Doclopedia #1,393

The Over And The Under: What Is The Under?

From Widz Yarlyng, an Underling:The under is the surface of our world, the vast expanse of the Valley of Peace. It is where Humans have lived for millennia. It is trees and rivers and hills and animals and villages. It is where we live free, able to hunt in the forests of the valley and mountains, so long as we do not go above the 3,000 foot Death Line. The Under is where you cam meet people from 100 miles upriver or go off and live 50 miles from the nearest Human.

The Under is my home and I will never leave it.

From Rarisa Lann Kotelos, an Overling: The Under is a wild and deadly place. Who knows when you might be attacked by wild gaavs or trampled by a herd of ikunu? Even worse, it lies below the Death Cloud, which could collapse into the Valley of Peace anytime! The Underlings are little more than savages who must spend all of their time hunting for food and dodging death. But then, they are mentally deficient, probably from giving up Magic in order to gain some illusion of safety from the Death Cloud.

The Under is a horrible place. I would never go there, even if I could.


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