The Young Girls Book Of Blowing Up The Patriarchy

…lavishly illustrated

The Doclopedia #1,394

The Over And The Under: Who Is Who In The Over?

From Var Ishan Elomini, an Overling: Well, of course, we of the Var class are in charge of most of the more important aspects of Overling society. At the command of the Zar class, of course. However, the Zars are almost always busy with much weightier responsibilities than I can speak to, so we are, by default, the leaders the people see. The Rar class makes sure that our life support systems are maintained and the Par class makes sure we have delicious food and drink.

Now, of course most of the Over is run by machines, but we humans still need to monitor them every day or two, as well as command them from time to time.

So there you have it, our wonderful system of doing things and getting things done.

From Pux Bonbo, an Underling: My friend, the Overlings may tell you all abour Vars and Pars and Bars and Lars, but they are all just one big lazy bunch. The ones at the top give orders to the ones below and they order about the ones below them, but in reality, their Arcane Engines do everything. All the Overlings do ismake minor adjustments and requests.

How do I know all that? My old grandpa worked at Upsy Station, filling the baskets with fruits & veggies. That was back when there was still trade between Over & Under. He got a sort of correspondence going with somebody up there and he learned how they do things.


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