Basset Hounds On The Run

…probably running from the police

The Doclopedia #1,396

The Over And The Under: Where Is The Real Power In The Over?

From Rar Cium Kallema, an Overling: Why, the Zars, of course! They have always been our ultimate decision makers. They are the wisest among us and without them, there would be chaos.

But…I hesitate to mention this, since it is no doubt a false rumor…there are those who believe that someone or something controls the Zars. I have heard it said that it is the machines, that it is some unknown class of Overling, even that it is some sort of other species.

Of course, those are just insignificant rumors, started by citizens who were bored. The Zars are the ultimate power in the Over and always will be.

From Jorky Diggs, an Underling: Well now, friend, I remember my old granny telling me that she heard from her old granny that even longer ago than that, when those old vizards or scienteests or whatever they were accidentally created the Death Cloud, not everyone who escaped to the Over was human. A few of them was some other sort of folks.

Now, we know that there is other other folks in the world, outside our valley. Why, up at very farthest end of the valley, up near Spider Pass, folks sometimes trade with them. Usually it’s them big stinky hairy folks, the Uukwa, but sometimes it’s them little fast moving folks called the Janiff. Now, I doubt it was either of those races, but folks say there used to be other races here in the valley, back before the Death Cloud.

So anyway, the old legend goes that this other race sneaked up with some supplies just before the Death Cloud closed things off. Once they were up there, they hid out and took control of things. Them arrogant Overlings never even knew what was going on.

Anyway, that’s how I heard it when I was a young lad.

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